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What do you like to do? Which of your skills might be useful to help craft technical solutions for community organizations?

Are you a designer or developer? UX? Data? What are your favorite technologies and tools?
Working on a team can be a great way to learn new things! Is there anything you are hoping to learn about?

We're planning to use Slack as one of the communication channels. You can join at https://h4wm.slack.com/signup Or check "Yes" here if you'd like us to send you an invite to the group.

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Which days of the week are best for you for a monthly meeting?

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If we have a project that matches your interests, would you be able to commit to being a core team member, meeting monthly until the project is finished?

Might you be interested in joining the Admin Team?

We're a small group that will make sure the Project Team(s) have what they need to create their solutions. Want to help pick the menu? Like to do outreach on social media? Lots of other fun things to do!
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